POC SECURITY, Name of New Generation in Security!

POC SECURITY is here for the freedom of you. In the world of networking, only security can make you free. As one of the best security companies, POC SECURITY will always be at your side to keep your freedom.

Now, POC SECURITY is trying to make a new culture of security and a new paradigm.


- Mosec2016 was held on July 1

- Belluminar Beijing was held on June 1~3

- POC Security researcher, Jinwook spoke in Troopers16

- POC Security to host Hackingcamp on Feb 27~28

- POC training course on Feb sucessfully completed

- POC Security and 360 agreed to launch Belluminar Beijing on June 1~3

- POC Security and Pangu Team to host MOSEC2016 on July 1. Further details on the website

- POC Security has completed the annual security vulnerabilty analysis project for Korail

- CEO is appointed as a technical commission member of Cyber Security Sub committee of NCIS

- POC Security to host POC conference on November 10~11