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about us

POC Security is a cyber security research and consulting company based in Seoul, South Korea. We conduct various cyber security researches. We also have conferences and training courses based on the basic policy that offense should come first than defense for the sake of security. In addition to the highly technical conference POC running for more than 10 years, we have MOSEC for mobile security, PwnFest as a bug bounty contest, Zer0Con for exploit development and bug hunting, Belluminar as a new concept of hacking contest, and Hacking Camp for youth. With these, we are trying to deepen security techniques in all areas of society and broaden the bases.

  • POC SECURITY, Name of New Generation in Security!
  • POC SECURITY is here for the Freedom of you!
  • POC SECURITY is trying to make New Paradigm of security!

Latest NEWS

Hackingcamp Winter

POC Security to host Hackingcamp on Feb 11~12
- Jan 4, 2023


Zer0Con to be held on April 13 ~ 14
- Jan 4, 2023


POC Security and Pangu Team to host MOSEC2021 on Sep 26.
- May 4, 2023

Hackingcamp Summer

POC Security to host Hackingcamp on Aug 26~27
- May 4, 2023


POC Security to host POC conference on November 2~3
- Jan 4, 2023

Power of XX

POC Security to host Power of XX(Women Hacking Competition) on November 2~3
- January 1, 2023

Blackhat Talk

Suhee Kang has talked about "Women in Security" at Blackhat USA 2019
- Aug 15, 2019

our services

POC SECURITY provides best services to our clients. Below are our main services. Well-known domestic and foreign IT/security companies are our partners. If you need any support, feel free to contact us.

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You can contact us, to be our client / to be our researcher / to be our partner / to trade new information (0-days, new techniques, tools, etc.) with us.

  • Email - contact [at] pocsec.com (PGP key)
  • TEL - +82-2-446-3156
  • FAX - +82-2-446-3159
  • ADDRESS - 5th Floor, Owl Tower, Bangi-dong 23-2, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea (138-050)